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Niche Keyword Research

This week, let’s look at some of the Keyword Research we found for “Wet Suits” and the different ways you can use that information to help you identify niche markets (and even which products to start selling within those markets.)

Just a Quick Recap (From Previous Newsletter)

Last week we we found a WholesalerThe importance of finding a good Wholesaler for the products you sell cannot be overstated. A bad supplier can ruin a business. Imagine researching a product, setting up your online store or listings, spending time and money to make sure everything is perfect…only to find out later on that your Supplier is a scammer. It happens! Reputation is everything online, so make sure you start off with a reputable (Certified) Supplier right from the start. 

We ALWAYS start by making sure there IS a Supplier. We show you how to find great Suppliers in the Sell Niches Bundle so if you don’t have your copy (get it here.)

Getting Started

Keyword Research Tips

Most people getting into online selling, at some point, have heard about the importance of keywords and keyword research. Real keyword research can uncover a lot of information about the product. It can also help you identify new niche markets and even give you indications of which products (within that niche) would be the best products for you to start selling. Additionally, you can come up with new ‘entry points’ into that niche market by understanding what people are really searching for within that niche.

First, let’s look at some “Do’s and Don’ts” of Keyword Research


  • DON’T just research 1 keyword. Many new sellers make the mistake of just researching the name of the product and thinking that ‘search count’ for that 1 keyword is what their demand is. It’s not. People search in many different ways online. You need to create keyword lists of the many different ways people are searching within that niche in order to estimate a products demand online. The more keywords the better!
  • DO collect search counts and CPC’s. Most keyword research tools you’ll use to gather keywords will offer a glimpse at what it costs to advertise for that keyword (CPC = Cost Per Click). We explain this in much more detail in the Sell Niches Bundle, but in short, cheaper keyword costs can indicate less competitive ways to enter into a niche market.
  • Long Tail is still important. the term “longtail” has become almost synonymous with keyword research now. We remember back when it was just a ‘buzz word’. Gathering true long tail keywords is still every bit as relevant today as it has been in past years online. So add as many as you can to your keyword list!
  • Look for “Entry Points”. When you start your keyword research you’re going to see some keywords that don’t have a lot of searches but are also a lot less competitive. These collections of long tail keywords, lower competition keywords and etc can become your focus in that niche market as a way to funnel traffic to your new online store (or listings).

Our starting research…

Wet Suit Keywords

Using the Sell Niches Research Sheets we began entering keywords, phrases and CPC’s we were finding for “Wet Suits”. These (Beginner) Research Sheets do all of the calculating and math work for your. So you just have to focus on adding keywords. The list shown here is just one of the keyword lists we created for Wet Suits.

As you start researching keywords for a product you’ll start to see new avenues to chase down for that market. With niche markets you can add many many (many) different types of keywords and constantly change your “seed” keyword or “root keyword”. With each change you’ll find a wealth of new keywords and phrases relevant to that niche. Following these different trails are how you can start to hone in on niche markets (even within smaller markets). Highly focused ‘entry points’ can help you focus in on ways to get traffic to your store.

Benefits of Keyword Research

Consider “Entry Points”

Keyword research isn’t just about estimating a products demand. When we research products we keep an eye out for lower competition ‘entry points’ to that niche market. This might come via keywords that are simply easier to optimize your website for but it can also mean other niche products that are very closely related to the niche store you have.

For example, if we started a “Wet Suit” niche website trying to get traffic to our website using keywords like ‘wet suit’ would be very difficult. Wet suit, as a general keyword, is a highly competitive keyword. The advertising costs are expensive and optimizing our site would be very hard to rank high in the search engines.

However, if we focused on Medium to Low Competition keyword phrases then we could start getting customers to our store much quicker and easier. Just based on our initial research, there may be some real potential in getting customers if we focused on optimizing some of our site for “wetsuits for women”, “wet suit powder”, and other wetsuit related items. We could attract customers with lower competition offerings while still selling our main product niche “wet suits”.


High Competition Keywords

  • Wet Suit
  • Wet Suits
  • Wet Suit Long
  • Wet Suit Sale
  • Wet Suit Pants

Medium Competition Keywords

  • Wet Suit Changing Towel
  • Wet Suit Cap
  • Wet Suit Dryer
  • Wet Suit Patches
  • Wet Suit Holder

Low Competition Keywords

  • Wet Suit for women
  • Wetsuits for women
  • womens wetsuits
  • Wetsuit Powder
  • Wetsuit Paint

In the next Newsletter, we are going to take a closer look at some of Competition Research. Remember, you can find your niche today with the Sell Niches Bundle. If you don’t have a copy, then you can get yours here.

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really enjoyed Sell Niches. i was ready to throw my hands up and be done because i just could not seem to find a niche to stick with that i felt confident in. well after this I’m really excited! the niche i found i don’t think i could have come up with on my own or with the other “finding niche” resources i have used. and i have confidence in this niche because the market vs. looks excellent as well as having a great profit potential. so thanks. so excited

— Jessica.

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This is incredibly helpful and useful!! Being new to starting a business of selling online this is what I needed to get started. and understanding on how and what products to sell. I was really lost until reading this!! …Thank you so much…I will now continue to build my store with confidence and excitement of my new journey!!!

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Your tools and information are excellent, definitely worth the price. You saved me considerable time, money and effort over my previously endless hunting around for the direction and answers that you readily provide. Thanks for making Internet marketing and sales much clearer and straight forward. And your customer service is terrific. You’re a real pleasure to work with.

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One of the biggest decisions you’ll make as an online seller is deciding what to sell. There’s too much competition online to simply pick products “you like” and hope for the best. Our Mission at Sell Niches is simple: to show new online sellers how to pick *the right* products to start selling online, right from the start.