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Quick Answers To Common Questions…

Will I be getting Books in the mail?

No. The Sell Niches Bundle contains Ebooks and Spreadsheets which are available for Instant Download. Keep in mind that changes do occur in the market research landscape and we update our materials as often as needed to keep our Members up-to-date.  Providing digital copies of our product allows us to keep you current at all times (which we could not do with printed books.)

If you prefer printed copies to hold and make notes on, we do allow printing. Our Members who prefer books will simply print a copy of the eBooks, bind the pages in a folder and update sheets as needed.


Do I need Microsoft Excel to use the Research Sheets?

YES. Our Research Sheets are made for Microsoft Excel.


Is Your Information Current & Up-To-Date?

YES. We make every effort to keep our research information current. As changes occur in the product research landscape online we make updates to our materials to ensure our Members are always up-to-date and you get FREE updates.


Are There Any Hidden Fees?

No. The price of the Sell Niches Bundle is the price you pay when you order. We don’t have any reoccurring fees, hidden fees or surprises. Simply purchase the Sell Niches Bundle and find your niche!