This Month’s Focus

Camping Gear

This month we’re getting ‘campy’! Over the next few Newsletters we’re going to take a closer look at a potential niche markets you could find in Camping Gear. Our focus will be on 1 particular product niche and we’ll share with you some actual niche product research samples we gathered using research steps from the Sell Niches Bundle. You’ll get to see first hand how taking the time to do a little bit of product research BEFORE you sell a product can really help you pick products to sell with compete confidence.

Niches are hiding in every Product Category

Your very first step in finding a good niche is finding an actual “niche market ” to research! It sounds like a ‘no brainer’ but we can’t tell you how many people who start trying to sell online start off by trying to sell entire product categories, instead of focusing on a niche market. In the Sell Niches Bundle, we break down all of the steps in  “identifying a niche” into Charts. Our tutorials and Drilldown Charts help you focus in on niche markets.

For example, our focus this Month’s Niche Idea series is to find a niche within the “Camping Gear” category. It’s important to understand that Camping Gear, is not a niche. Camping gear is a much broader category of products that can broken down into various niche markets…

Potential Niche Markets for “Camping Gear

  • A: Fire Starting Tools

  • B: Camping Chairs    

  • C: Camping Hammocks

  • D: Family Tents  

  • E: Camp Coolers 

  • F: Camp Tables

The niche markets we’ve highlighted in the picture are just a very small example of the number of actual niche markets you can find in the Camping Gear category. When you’re considering products to sell, remember that every product category you can think of contains multiple niche markets. In order to identify a niche market you need to narrow down larger product categories into smaller categories and ultimately break those down into their various “niche” markets. In the Sell Niches Bundle we provide niche charts to help you identify numerous niche markets. If you don’t have the Sell Niches Bundle, remember that it’s important to identify niche markets to research. Camping gear, for example, is not a niche market. It’s a larger category that contains potential niches. So for any product category you’re thinking about selling in, start by identify potential niches within that category. There are thousands of untapped niche markets that are ideal for new online sellers!

Did You Know?

The Sell Niches Bundle contains Niche Drilldown Charts designed to not only give you hundreds of niche market ideas but also help you identify niche markets in just about every product category. The Bundle also contains the Unique Niches Guide which showcases untapped niche markets that are great for Beginners to start researching. These are just a small part of the Sell Niches Bundle but a really big help when you’re getting started.

This Month’s Niche Example Is…

For this Month’s niche idea sample we have decided to showcase research we collected on “Camping Chairs”. Would it be a good idea to sell Camping Chairs online? People often tell us, “I have an idea for a product to sell, do you think it’s a good idea?” and our answer is always the same “might be…but you don’t know for sure unless you do some research!”. Just because you can build a website or make auction listings, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to compete in the current market. The key to finding a good niche market is taking the time to actually research, to gather important information, about the product BEFORE you try to sell it online.

So before we spend any time or money building the ultimate website for Camping Chairs, we want to take a little bit of time and actually see what the current market is like online for Camping Chairs. We want to research BEFORE we try to build our entire business selling a product that we may not be able to compete with online.

For example, anybody could build a great looking niche website that offers “Camping Chairs”.  A cool retail site that caters to comfy, portable seating when you go camping and offers a wide range of camping chairs from compact to luxurious to satisfy the bottoms of campers in most any situation. It is POSSIBLE to make that niche store, but will it be PROFITABLE? There are services that make it rally easy to build nice looking retail sites online but just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should”.  You need to find out if you can truly compete in the current online market selling those “camping chairs” BEFORE you spend time and money starting up the ultimate camping chair store online. You need to see if will actually be profitable and if you can truly compete.

Would It Be Profitable?

Your goal with product research is to figure out which products would be *profitable* for you to sell online. Not only that, you need to find products with enough Demand to sustain your business plus a level of Competition you can actually handle as a new seller.

Over the next few weeks we’ll take a closer look at some of the product research we uncovered for Camping Chairs. We’ll look at some of the Sell Niches Research Sheets we used during our Camping Chair product research steps. When we are done gathering our research, you’ll get to see the Sell Niches Research Sheets in action as they automatically display a Summary Sheet with all of the relevant information filled in for you! The Sell Niches Research Sheet will automatically display your profit margin, demand, competition and even what kind of potential income you could make based on sales. It’s just one of the small things that makes Sell Niches ideal for Beginners.

In the next Newsletter, we’ll discuss one of the MOST IMPORTANT parts of product research! Keep an eye out for it and in the meantime…

Happy Researching!

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