Niche Idea Series

Scuba Niches

In this Niche Idea Series we’re wetting our market research appetites by uncovering some niche ideas related to “Scuba Diving Products”. Scuba is a billion dollar industry with a large variety of products and categories. It’s an activity with a sweeping range of potential customer bases from recreational to occupational. When a product market spans both fun and professional then it gives rise to a lot of potential niche markets.

Let’s take a look at some “scuba diving products”, identify potential niche markets and then go through the steps of actually researching a niche online to see if it would be a good idea to break into that niche market.

To Find Niche Markets You Have To Dive Deep!

Scuba is NOT a Niche.

…But It Contains Niche Markets.

First, it’s important to note that “Scuba Diving” isn’t a niche market. It’s a broad category of products that represent an even broader customer base. When you find product categories with a big diversity of products and customers you’ll often find a treasure trove of potential niche markets within. Scuba is one of these categories that can have many cross-over niches and can appeal to wide ranging audience from professionals who need items for their day job to vacationers who are just wanna try it out and have some fun.

Let’s look at some of the ways Scuba can be broken down…

Recreational Scuba

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Wet Suits
  • Light Scuba Tanks
  • Diving Masks
  • Fins

Scuba Photography

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Underwater Cameras
  • Waterproof Cases
  • Fish ID Guides
  • Underwater Lighting


Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Pro Masks
  • High End Regulators
  • Specialized Gear
  • Pro Fins

Treasure Hunting

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Sea Metal Detectors
  • Buoyant Work Stations
  • Water Vacuums
  • Special Flotation

Rescue Scuba

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Underwater Medical Kits
  • Special Flotation Devices
  • Underwater Flares
  • Buddy Breathing Systems

Scuba Travel

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Scuba Sleds
  • Personal Submarines
  • Motor Props
  • Pro Fins

Underwater Hunting

Potential Scuba Niches:

  • Spear Guns
  • Scuba Knives
  • Spears
  • Nets

It All Begins With

Identifying A Niche Market

There are a huge variety of product offerings in Scuba and the list above is only a small sample of the numerous niche markets you can break “Scuba Diving” down into. Trying to open an online store that caters to “all scuba gear” would be a massive undertaking and difficult to optimize for SEO, traffic, advertising and etc.

However, if you open a Niche Online Store that caters to specific needs you can focus your entire business on dominating that specific niche market. You can then align all of your search engine optimization, advertising campaigns and efforts in one strong direction.

For Example…

Niche Online Store

Instead of trying to build and optimize a website to compete with large scuba surplus outlets, focus on becoming an authority, the “go-to” store for a specific niche within Scuba. Wet suits, for example, is a niche within the vast world of scuba products. You could start a website that offers a variety of wet suit styles that cater to both sides of the customer base. It could have professional deep water wet suits and cheaper versions for the casual first-time diver. Wet suits could be for spring, summer, winter and fall, lightweight and heavy-duty and in a variety of colors and sizes. Wet suits may only be 1 type of product within the Scuba category but it represents a lot of different options to build a niche website around.


It’s Time To Research…

Even though you CAN build a website it doesn’t mean you should. Just having the idea of selling a product online isn’t enough to ensure you aren’t wasting your time and money. You need to make sure you can compete selling that product online BEFORE you jump into a market you may soon regret. Good news is, there’s a wealth of information you can find out before you ever spend any time or money trying to sell it online. In fact, that’s exactly what we show you how to do (step-by-step) in the Sell Niches Bundle.

In this Niche Idea Series we are going to show you some simple, but powerful, market research you can do on a product using just the internet. We’ll show you how taking the time to do some basic niche market research can greatly increase your chances of competing online. At Sell Niches, our passion is showing Beginners proven, step-by-step niche market research techniques so you can find your very own niche to sell online in markets (that you can actually succeed in as a new seller).

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